karen beneditti. a city point of view, mixed media on canvas

a city point of view, mixed media on canvas. Long shape for the image of a city point, same techniques could be used for the Black Country buildings.

Saatchi Online Artist: Serj Fedulov; Mixed Media, Painting "From the series Urban Landscapes"

From the series Urban Landscapes

Sketchbook work for FSH2105 AS2 - ORIGINAL WORK BY HARRIET KING

I choose this image as the use of layering pen in thick blocks and lines over the paper clippings creates a 3 dimensional effect.


Saatchi Online Artist - Chris Lord - Photomontage 2012 Assemblage Collage - "Walls And Towers"

Allemaal verschillende lijnen maken een mooi kunstwerk.

Hannah Waldron - Texture, Pattern and Structure

Black and white line drawing. would be cool to have some city art at each conference

"Main Street" Mixed Media City Scene Art on Canvas | eBay-James Hudek

"Main Street" mixed media city scene art on canvas

Variations on a Dark City and Other Works by Espen Dietrichson | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

Norwegian artist Espen Dietrichson combines photography, digital techniques and screen printing to create amazing artworks depicting levitating, exploded architectural structures.