Makeover Monday 2017

Collection by Andy Kriebel


2017 edition of #MakeoverMonday, the data viz collaboration project led by Eva Murray and Andy Kriebel

Andy Kriebel
Week 14 - Karolina High Risk, Dashboards, Data Visualization, Information Visualization

Karolina on Twitter

“#makeovermonday, Is your job at risk of automation? @VizWizBI @TriMyData @tableaupublic”

Week 14 - Athan Mavrantonis Dashboard Examples, Dashboard Design, Dashboards, About Uk

Athan on Twitter

“🤖 Will robots steal our jobs by 2030? #AI #MakeoverMonday #dataviz @TriMyData @VizWizBI @tableaupublic”

Week 14 - LM-7 Dashboards, Timeline, Bar Chart, Diagram, Amazing, Illustration, Illustrations, Bar Graphs

LM-7 on Twitter

“『金持ちと貧乏人を分断する決定的な意識差 - A Successful Failure』 blog更新 #MakeoverMonday”

Week 14 - Naledi Hollbruegge Do You Work, High Risk

Naledi Hollbruegge on Twitter

“Love #scatterplots. @VizWizBI @TriMyData #makeovermonday #Tableau”

 My dashboard for the week of High Risk, About Uk, Board

Haim Shternshus on Twitter

“Productive lunch break. My dashboard for the 14th week of #makeovermonday @VizWizBI @TriMyData”

Week 14 - Pablo Gomez About Uk, Storytelling

Pablo Gomez on Twitter

“"10.4 Million workers in the UK will potentially loose their jobs to robots" #MakeoverMonday - #Viz @tableaupublic:”

Week 14 - Jack May Dashboards, Charts, Bar Chart, Education, Graphics, Graph Of A Function, Bar Graphs, Teaching, Training

Jack May on Twitter

“My first #MakeoverMonday, here:”

Week 14 - Amarendranath D High Risk

Amarendranath D on Twitter

“This week #MakeoverMonday I tried to recreate @VizWizBI original work. Thanks Andy for letting me do it! @TriMyData”

Week 5 - Prajakta Kulkarni Week 5, Germany, The Unit, France, Japan, Twitter, Places, Japanese Dishes, Deutsch

Prajakta Kulkarni on Twitter

“#MakeoverMonday #latepost”

Week 14 - Rosario Gauna Dashboards, Labor Positions, Artificial Intelligence, Rosario, Tecnologia

Rosario Gauna on Twitter

“Week14: UK workers at risk of being replaced by robots - In Spanish #makeovermonday @TriMyData @VizWizBI”

Week 14 - Simona Loffredo

Simona Loffredo on Twitter

“Here my latest #makeovermonday @VizWizBI @TriMyData very Interesting article!”

Week 14 - Jon White Chasing The Sun, About Uk

Jon White (@Jon_Whitey)

“#MakeoverMonday Week 14: The four industries in the UK with the highest risk of job automation #VizHawks”