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the life of adam rickman infographia from harry potter's movie poster
Kyle Rowden on Twitter
Week 37 - Kyle Rowden
the number of people who are using their smartphones is shown in this chart
Kyle Rowden on Twitter
Week 41 - Kyle Rowden
Week 42 - Kyle Rowden Logos
Kyle Rowden on Twitter
Week 42 - Kyle Rowden
the u s debt out of control is shown in this chart, as well as other countries
Kyle Rowden on Twitter
Week 43 - Kyle Rowden
a map showing the number and percentage of people living in scotland, by region or country
Kyle Rowden on Twitter
Week 44 - Kyle Rowden
a screenshot of the website's page with text and images on it, which states in us can offer our children the best?
Week 27 - Kashish Chauhan
the global flow of people is shown in red and black, as well as an image of
Rob Radburn on Twitter
Week 49 - Joe Radburn
two screenshots showing the different weather conditions for various areas in the world, including snow and ice
Week 51 - Chaitanya Deepak K
the facebook logo has been changed to look like it is going up on fire and down
Kashish Chauhan on Twitter
Week 23 - Kashish Chauhan
the bar chart shows that there are many different types of wine
Rob Radburn on Twitter
Week 52 - Joe Radburn
a screenshot of a basketball court with numbers on it and the words, studying sports with data
David Krupp on Twitter
Week 2 - David Krupp
the cost of frozen food and how to use it
John Miller on X
Week 52 - John Miller
christmas dinner costs rising again than in the last few years, compared to other countries
Week 52 - Simona Loffredo
a map with different states in red, blue and green colors on it that says where are the best worst drivers in the continuous united states?
Week 50 - Michael Sanville
the u s state map is shown in red and white, with words that read bad drivers
Week 50 - Louise Shorten