And your wedding photographer: | These Diagrams Are Everything You Need To Plan Your Wedding

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The Cascade and the Pomander and my favorites :)

Not sure if you want a round bouquet or a cascading bouquet to take down the aisle? Some different types of bouquet styles.

Top 10 Photos Every Indian Bride Must Have In Her Wedding Album -

Dear Bride-To-Be, Don't Forget To Get These Wedding Shots Clicked For Your Wedding Album

Here is a list of moments that we feel should not be missing from any Indian bride’s wedding album. Yes, here are 10 shots that every Indian bride must have

creative indian wedding cards

Card 1 (wedding invitation): Please ONLY print the trees on this picture on left/right of the card. Card 3 morning): Use the drawing of the bride/groom for the invitation to the traditional wedding on Friday morning, it should say, "Wedding".

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