Jimmy Carr <3

Jimmy Carr - Imaginary friends: The difference between rational adults and naive children.

All religions are made up, and all are equally crazy. Jimmy Carr

All religions are made up, and all are equally crazy. Jimmy Carr x

lolll . Rhod Gilbert and Greg Davies... both hilarious <3

// Rhod Gilbert Greg Davies / Never Mind The Buzzcocks Every time I read this I almost pee myself!

David and Lee - Would I Lie To You

The constantly apologizing thing is a corner stone in my theory that I've been adopted from England and my motherland calls to me.

if you say 'Jimmy Carr' in a Jamaican accent, it sounds like 'Jamaica'

Playing it safe.

Funny pictures about Jimmy's Muslim Friend. Oh, and cool pics about Jimmy's Muslim Friend. Also, Jimmy's Muslim Friend photos.

oh Jimmy... inappropriate as always

Maybe No One Has The Guts

Maybe No One Has The Guts // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

British schooling.

37 Reasons Why Great Britain Really Is Great

When The Mighty Boosh schooled Chelsea Handler on geography: I fucking hate Chelsea Handler, and that Noel burned her makes it all the sweeter.

I LOVE QI. and Jimmy Carr. and Stephen Fry most of all.

Post with 4445 votes and 191766 views. The quality of his standup is sometimes questionable, but his contributions to QI are pure gold.