super smart way to hide a radiator from a baby-- tutorial

The restrained amount of toys and books on display in this room is inviting and handled bins make it easy to bring toys to another part of the house and also easily return them.

Cover a radiator to beautify and add precious extra surface space.

DIY Radiator Cover Tutorial

:: Havens South Designs :: loves this DIY Radiator Cover Tutorial - Christinas Adventures

I have a 12" long scar along my hip from falling into my radiator. I lost my balance while climbing out of the shower one morning this winter. I'd LOVE to make these covers

Make Your Own Radiator Covers for Extra Shelf Space

Radiator Cover screen candle screens. Should be available at HD & Lowe's in 24" or larger sheets

Thanksgiving Tablescape Idea from Lowes

Use decorative aluminum sheets from Home Depot to make your own "Moroccan style" lanterns. Cut, sand edges so they don't scratch, use wire to hold them together. Use mat spray paint in any color you like to finish off the lanterns. This idea is genius!

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