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a multicolored crocheted shawl hanging on a white wall
Making a shift to mosaic knitting - Birdhouse Yarns
Braided Celtic Knot Scarf Knitting Pattern
a multicolored knitted scarf with a knot on the front and back ends
free lacey baktus pattern on ravelry.....noro sock yarn @
free lacey baktus pattern on ravelry.....noro sock yarn. Terhi Montonen..
there is a multicolored crocheted blanket on the bed
ElizabethTore's Mixed Stripey Blanket One mistake I made already - <span class="best-highlight">start each row from the right, moving left. Do not turn the work and go the other direction unless specifically stated.</span> :/ (You can see this in the zig zag section where the stitches are gathered together. That should be on the back, no...
a mannequin in front of a display of crocheted yarns and fabrics
two pictures showing different ways to knit a shawl
Striped Shawl Knitting Patterns
Free Knitting Pattern for Easy Shifting Stripes Shawl - Asymmetric triangular shawl knit in garter stitch with stripes in 2 colorways of gradient cake style yarn. Rated easy by Red Heart, it does use short rows for shaping. Designed by Carissa Browning. Sport weight yarn.
a woman wearing a multicolored shawl on top of a mannequin
Reyna Shawl
Reyna Shawl designed by Noora Backlund
a woman wearing a multicolored knitted shawl in front of a book shelf
You Can Also Prepare a Wonderful Shawl to Stay Warm During Cold Winter Days - Explore Trending
a woman wearing a blue crochet shawl with the words ocean kiss ruana written
Ocean Kiss Autumn Ruana Crochet Pattern
Ocean Kiss Ruana Crochet Pattern from Crochet247
a crocheted blanket on a wooden table next to a potted plant
rebelle467's Virus Meets Granny Shawl
Ravelry: rebelle467's Virus Meets Granny Shawl
a woman standing in the grass wearing a crocheted shawl and rubber boots
a knitted blanket laying on top of a bed
stormyautumn's Secret Snob Swap
Love these colors.