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garden shade plants medium to large

Collection by Angela Pearson

Angela Pearson
 A rare and special plant. You'll wait for the flowers! The leaves alone are worth growing this plant for - pink tinged, rounded spoons that offer up delicate, butterfly wing flowers.

Paeonia daurica mlokosewitschii

Grows wild in the centre of the Caucasus, a plant of exceptional beauty. In early spring the buds and young leaves are a rich pinkish-bronze. As they turn to soft grey-green the buds gradually open to full beauty, perfect bowls of cool lemon-yellow, filled with golden stamens in May. 61 cm. We do not sell these plants less than 5 years from sowing. Both these paeonies are among our most choice plants – ‘signed copies of limited editions’

Digitalis x mertonensis

Digitalis x mertonensis

Large flowers in lovely shades of deep old-rose with a hint of copper. Fairly perennial if divided after flowering. Comes true from seed. Likes part shade. 61 cm.

Helleborus argutifolius (corsicus) Not showy but the pale green flowers are fresh in early spring and its handsome evergreen leaves offer ground cover at ht as well as useful background to other planting.

Helleborus Argutifolius Corsicus

One of my favourite plants. In spring it sends up weed-resistant clumps. Many stiff stems bear handsome claw-like foliage of cool jade-green. In winter these tend to fall out like the spokes of a wheel to make way for the new shoots. By January every stem is topped by clusters of apple-green cups. Flowers from January to June. 61 cm.

Pulmonaria saccharata 'Sissinghurst White' - cloture maison section

Pulmonaria 'Sissinghurst White'

This fine form produces quantities of snow-white flowers, much larger than those of P officinalis, followed by rosettes of well-marked leaves for the rest of the season. 30 cm.

All Plants > Myrrhis odorata

Myrrhis odorata

Sweet Cicely. I recognise this handsome feathery-leafed umbellifer by the occasional white splash on some of the leaves which are both sweet to taste and have the flavour of aniseed. Try adding them to a bowl of hot plums, or to salads, while the large crunchy seeds are edible too. Has attractive white cow parsley-like flowers. 1 m. For herb or wild garden.

Needs humus-fed, lime-free soil in semi-shade among ferns and hostas. From late summer to autumn, heavy clusters of fat swelling buds open shuttlecock-shap

Shade | Kirengeshoma palmata

Needs humus-fed, lime-free soil in semi-shade among ferns and hostas. From late summer to autumn, heavy clusters of fat swelling buds open shuttlecock-shaped flowers about 5 cm long, pale butter-yellow, of thick waxen texture. Irregularly cut maple-like leaves clothe dark purple stems which bow under the weight of flowers. Needs shelter from wind. K. palmata koreana group differs only in its slightly more upright habit.nn91 cm.

B > Actaea - The Beth Chatto Gardens

Actaea matsumurae 'white pearl'

matsumurae ‘White Pearl’. For a cool shady place, not dry. A most elegant plant in autumn. Branching stems carry snowy-white bottle brushes 13 cm long. These develop into a most desirable lime-green seedhead. All flower October-November. 91-122 cm.

Native perennials for half-day sun, which means about 4 hours of direct sun. Morning sun is best for most half-day sun plants. Sun Perennials, Herbaceous Perennials, Sun Plants, Shade Plants, Deer Fern, Beth Chatto, Mail Order Plants, Autumn Bride, Alpine Plants

Aruncus | Aruncus dioicus

A superb plant. Forms a large clump of elegant light green foliage above which rise great, creamy plumes of tiny flowers in mid-summer. Interesting seed-heads. Needs rich soil. 122-183 cm.

trillium grandiflorum - nice for my "bog garden" Bog Garden, Garden In The Woods, Shade Garden, Garden Plants, All Flowers, Types Of Flowers, White Flowers, Beautiful Flowers, Unusual Flowers

Shade | Trillium grandiflorum

The Wake Robin, the best known and easiest to grow Trillium. It makes a showy, dome-shaped plant of ribbed and shining leaves which set off the large, pure white funnel-shaped flowers poised above them. A wonderful shade loving plant, slow at first until established. Height 38 cm.

 Exquisite plant for cool conditions. Branching stems closely set with ivory-white hooded flowers. Mail Order Plants, Plant Order, Shade Plants, Cool Plants, Beth Chatto, Woodland Plants, Plant Delivery, Alpine Plants, Herbaceous Perennials

Aconitum | Aconitum 'Ivorine'

‘Ivorine’. Exquisite plant for cool conditions. Branching stems closely set with ivory-white hooded flowers. May-June. 76 cm.

Persicaria virginiana Compton's form

Persicaria virginiana Compton's

Collected by James Compton in Szechwan, China. Another eye-catching foliage plant for cool conditions. Bronze-tinted, branching stems support a mound of large, oval, pointed leaves marbled in shades of jade and moss green, overlaid with fine brown veins, which dissolve into a broad central, chestnut-brown V sign. Great contrast among ferns, tiarellas and heucheras. 90 cm.

Lysimachia ephemerum - The Beth Chatto Gardens; planted in front bed May 2019 Beth Chatto, Mail Order Plants, Small White Flowers, Alpine Plants, Forest Road, Herbaceous Perennials, White Gardens, Isle Of Wight, Scottish Highlands

Lysimachia ephemerum

Plant of quiet dignity. Curiously grey narrow leaves ascend erect slender stems, topped with spires of close-set small white flowers, longlasting. Finally makes good seedhead of round brown capsules. July-September. 91 cm.

Lamprocapnos (Dicentra) spectabilis 'Alba'

Lamprocapnos spectabilis 'Alba'

Lamprocapnos (Dicentra) spectabilis 'Alba'

Anemone tomentosa Shade Plants, Shade Garden, Pale Pink, Perennials, Flowers, Medium, Sanitary Napkin, Royal Icing Flowers, Perennial

Anemone tomentosa

From Tibet is very similar to the Japanese hybrid anemones, flowering a little earlier. Large and handsome in leaf, petals rounded, pale pink within, dark on reverse, one of the best. 122-152 cm.