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a cartoon depicting a noah ship with animals on it and a sign that says you get a 10 second head start the lions
Inherit the Mirth Comic Strip on - AHAHAHA!
an image of a man in the kitchen with his hand out to someone else that is doing laundry
a dog that is looking at the camera with its tongue out and it says, you just let all these people in without smelling their assies?
Pigs For Bacon | Catholic Memes
Pigs For Bacon
a green and black poster with an image of a dinosaur
#exorcist #repossessed #dinosaur #meme #catholic #lol #funny
the pope is laughing and making funny faces
Media, you So Crazy | Catholic Memes
Media, you So Crazy
a nun holding a banana in one hand and the words, i'm not perfect but i'm not fake either
Revised: Serenity Prayer via SueFitmaurice
the text reads when you can't sleep it's because someone is dreaming about you
Catholic Memes (On Facebook)
someone is sitting on the floor with their head down and texting i'm sorry, but you knew what i was like before you started sticking yourself in me
Catholic Memes (On Facebook)
two priests are talking to each other in front of an open door with the words, it's part of my new scared straight approach
Catholic humor
an image of two dinosaurs that are talking to each other
The magic of the Internet
a cartoon depicting a man laying in a chair with a bird on his lap and the words printer's down above him
The Monastic Office
Catholic apologetics memes | The Monastic Office | Restless Pilgrim
two men dressed in black and red are talking to each other
Catholic humor