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This is funny xD Gaara!

This is funny XD Gaara!oh Gaara

naruto memes

Naruto loves ramen waaay too much lol

jeez its just sand. calm the fuck down. Gaara* no sir I WILL NOT CALM THE FUCK DOWN. *gives intense stare of death*

ill build sand castle's with you gaara

Itachi un des personnages les plus réussis de la série

Kakashi & Itachi - "Itachi: "I am Batman!" Kakashi: "Itachi go home. You're drunk.

naruto memes - Google Search

naruto memes - Lmao so cruel 😂😂😂😂

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The Official Naruto Memes Center

Some love Sakura and some hate Sakura but always remember... Oh wait I have to run now!!!

Fuck everything and run! Naruto sakura konohamaru and gang It's hilarious!

"Boing boing am i right?" Im dying XD

Some just draw them taking these pics from like another angle so we can see the device their useing