Famous Geordies

I grew up listening to Sting. Every day, every car trip, every time we went somewhere, Sting was always on. I will always love Sting.


Newcastle Brown Ale is a beer produced by Heineken International. Newcastle is one of the most popular dark beers in the world, and was first brewed in Newcastle England

Sir Bobby Robson 1999-2004

Sir Bobby Robson "People want success.

Alan Shearer 2009

The closest thing a lot of Geordies have to God.

Famous Geordies

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Discovery museum

Discovery museum of science, industry and local history. It houses the Turbinia, the first ever steam turbine powered ship which at the time was the fastest ship in the world.

Newcastle 2 - 0 Liverpool

Newcastle 2 - 0 Liverpool

It will always be St James Park.

A once in a lifetime experience for Newcastle United fans! The Ultimate St. James’ Experience gives fans the chance to enjoy a unique VIP da.