karen beneditti. a city point of view, mixed media on canvas

a city point of view, mixed media on canvas. Long shape for the image of a city point, same techniques could be used for the Black Country buildings.

St Mary’s Cathedral Edinburgh 2 Collage with Monoprint October 2013

St Mary’s Cathedral Edinburgh 2 Collage with Monoprint October 2013 - Use collage idea and mono print onto different materials/collage background

Parliament View by Paul Kenton - 2

Parliament View by Paul Kenton - 2 Wax resist inspiration Tired work inspiration

abigail reynolds - Google Search

Admiralty Arch, cut & folded vintage book plates, x cm by Abigail Reynolds

Valery Koshlyakov. High-rise on Raushskaya Embankment

Artist: Valery Koshlyakov - Title: High-rise on Raushskaya Embankment - Materials/Techniques used: Carboard, and Tempera paint - Inspires, Why? The different technqiues used and how it is placed is cool


Collider by Abigail Reynolds at AMBACH & RICE

Abigail Reynolds, The Universal Now: Big Ben & Thames 1961 / 1982 2010 Cut and folded vintage bookplates x in (Framed)

The Sydney Opera House At first it seems like these images by Spanish photographer Pep Ventosa are very quickly sketched line drawings of highly visited tourist locations. However, don't be fooled! The Collective Snapshot is actually a series of photographs where images "blend together dozens of snapshots to create an abstraction of the places we've …

Landmarks Layered into a Collective Memory

Pep Ventosa ~ The Collective Snapshot: Brooklyn Bridge (multiple photographs, merged)

valery koshlyakov

The dripping paint over the top of the painting looks effective and contrasts to the more detailed painting of the building itself. (Valery Koshlyakov, Temple of Nika)

New Art from Russia | Saatchi Gallery

Working in Washington, DC has made me take advantage of the several free art galleries in the area. While looking through the Washington Post, I saw an artist whose work will be featured in Goethe-.

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Today is a photographic feature to showcase the modern photo collages of British artist Abigail Reynolds .

Abigail Reynolds' vintage photo assemblages

Abigail Reynolds’ vintage photo assemblages