SEBBAH HOUSE Pepe Gascón Arquitectura + ASA Alexandre Boulin Two-storey house overlooking the sea in a sloping plot, which is accessed by a gangway to the .

PATTERN AND RHYTHM- The directions of the triangles and green-blue color schemes are being repeated. This creates an illusion-like feel and headaches too. #pattern

crystallographic pattern - Green and blue repeating triangle square illusion pattern

Chloe Scadding creates high-end textiles used for fashion and interiors. Her combined use of contemporary and traditional techniques, along with her creative use of materials, makes her work innovative and original. She pushes the boundaries of what textiles normally are and what they can be — truly unique.

Chloe Scadding

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Our Laser Cut Decorative Screens are inspired by many different sources from leaves off a tree to intricate Geometric and Organic patterns