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Deadpool gets Ant-Man to clean up his apartment.

A work friend. I love his face, it's like Yeah it's my good buddy Hulk! Oh, Thor 😂😂😂😂😂

Ancestors Tarot Spread

Ancestors Tarot Spread - I'm going to have to use this for Samhain coming up!


NCIS Los Angeles: that's my girl I mean she's not my girl, but, yeah - Deeks (how my man feels about me, besides Jesus, my man will protect me.-Mari) just now

Oh my gosh, my kids loved looking at these!

Love some of these! Shows how people in the real world look ! Everyone is a prince or a princess! But I hate that they did Jackunzel! I ship Jelsa!

we need Prentiss back and get rid of Blake

Absolutely it was the longest cast they had and everyone just got along so well now that Blake is on the team I don't feel that way except for her and Rossi