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there is a small white greenhouse in the middle of a yard with potted plants
Award winning English Greenhouses by Hartley Botanic
Victorian Capability, Somerset, UK. #hartleybotanic #hartley #greenhouse #glasshouse #autumngarden #autumn #garden #gardening #flowers #autumnvibes #mygarden #gardenlife #gardendesign #nature #gardensofinstagram #gardeninspiration #gardenlove #autumnflowers #autumncolors #autumncolours
a greenhouse with the words nothing else is a harley
Award winning English Greenhouses by Hartley Botanic
Victorian Grand Manor, Virginia, USA. #hartleybotanic #hartley #glasshouse #greenhouse #victorianstyle #victorianhouse #victorianglasshouse #interiordesigner #plants #gardening #garden #plantsofinstagram #nature #plantsmakepeoplehappy #designbuild #horticulture #organic #organicgardening #luxuryliving #luxuryhomes #luxurylifestyle #greenthumb #growyourownfood #groworganic #gardeninspiration #architecture #interiordesigner #gardendesign #gardendesigner
someone is gardening in their garden with the text, 6 sustainable gardening habitts
6 Sustainable Gardening Habits You Should Adopt
This guide explains six sustainable gardening habits you should adopt to improve the environment.
a white mushroom sitting on top of a table next to a bottle of glue and a tube
Make A Waterproof Paper Mache Mushroom For The Garden • Ultimate Paper Mache
two dark red flowers with green leaves in the foreground and blurry background behind them
The 5 Best Winter Bedding Plants To Brighten Your Garden - The Primrose Garden Club | Expert Tips, Advice & Inspiration
The 5 Best Winter Bedding Plants To Brighten Your Garden - Primrose Blog
a pink flower with green leaves in the background
Top 8 US Desert Southwest Wildflower Websites – New Mexico Wildflowers
Top 8 US Desert Southwest Wildflower Websites – Wrenaissance Art
a white house surrounded by flowers and greenery
Garden Colour Schemes: How To Get Started!
Become the artist behind your summer garden. Has the combination of the idyllic summer sunshine and the recently passed Chelsea Flower Show got you feeling inspired enough to add a colour scheme to your outdoor space?
an old black and white photo of people in a greenhouse
Exceptional Gardening: The Amazing Story of the Ruhleben Camp Horticultural Society
Our memory of the First World War tends to focus on the trenches and shellfire, but for hundreds of men held in Ruhleben Internment Camp in Berlin the war was actually spent tending vegetable patches and organising flower shows. When the war broke out in 1914, British men of military age who happened to be in Germany were interned within the confines of the Ruhleben Racecourse. Read more...
several cherries hanging from a tree with green leaves
Choosing The Perfect Cherry Fruit Tree
When deciding on a cherry fruit tree, you have to decide on how big you want your tree. Rootstocks determine the size of you tree with dwarfing rootstocks producing smaller trees. You then have to select a variety, ideally one you like the taste of. As many will not be familiar with cherry varieties, we have made some recommendations. Read more
an apple hanging from a tree branch with leaves
Pear/Quince Rootstock Guide
Both pears and quinces are grafted onto quince rootstocks, such as “Quince A”, “Quince C”, and “Quince Eline”. The rootstocks that exert the greatest dwarfing effect will produce a 2.5-3m tall pear tree and 3m tall quince. Read more
two rocks stacked on top of each other with the words what is reiki?
Planting Bamboo In Pots
Bamboo can do well in containers, even some of the more vigorous, running types, although the slower-spreading clumpers are the best choices. It’s important to remember your chosen variety will only get as tall as the pot’s size will let it – a a good guide is about 50% to 75% of its maximum height in open ground. It will also be less hardy but as most cultivars are very hardy, this shouldn’t pose a problem in the UK. Read more
an apple hanging from a tree with lots of green leaves and red apples in the background
Why Can’t I Buy A Pink Lady Apple Tree?
It is illegal to sell ‘Pink Lady’ apple trees as the variety can only be grown under license, and the license holder – Apple and Pear Australia – refuses to license to British growers. You won’t be able to grow the tree from the apple’s seeds as they are a combination of genetic information from the variety and another apple. Read more
some white flowers are blooming on a tree in front of yellow bokets
Pear Tree Pollination Guide
Just like apples, pears are predominantly self-sterile and need to be paired with a pollination partner to produce fruit. There are a few partially self-fertile varieties that will crop without a partner, but any crop is much improved with one. Conference and Obelisk are the only varieties that are truly self-fertile and will produce a decent crop unaided, but for bumper crops we recommend you partner up. Read more
four different angles of a planter with succulents and plants in it
11 Stunning Planter Ideas For 2019
2019 promises to be a huge year for planters with many new trends emerging including a return to studio pottery designs and even more pots for your house plants. Learn to make the most of your garden/interiors with our planter ideas from using bamboo as screening to improving indoor lighting with copper. Read more