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Dawn/Dusk Bloom - 1st-level Transmutation ritual spell to create magical flowers with TONS of RP potential [Flower/Butterfly Magic] : Mythmaker5e

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Oath of the Spellbreaker // A Paladin Oath sworn to keep spell casters in check : UnearthedArcana
Sorcerous Origin - Witchblade - Eink's Arcana (revised) : r/UnearthedArcana

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Hanzo’s Nijijourney Showcase (AI)

Character Concept

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ArtStation - Patreon sketches #6, Linda Lithén
ArtStation - Mika Mankiller


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ArtStation - Magic The Gathering - Winged Boots


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ArtStation - Bunch of DnD characters


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a man is painting his shoes with blue paint on the ground and wings painted on them
Magic The Gathering - Winged Boots, Filipe Pagliuso
ArtStation - Magic The Gathering - Winged Boots
an abstract painting with blue, green and purple colors on the image is surrounded by feathers
Feywild Bridge [25x43]
an aerial view of a baby in a crib surrounded by blue and green lights
Cave of a Thousand Waterfalls (Finally) | Stained Karbon Maps
an orange and blue dress with the words springfoot's spirit on it
Springfoot's Spirit | AbyssalBrews
a woman in yellow and white outfit standing with her hands on her hips while wearing horns
Fantasy Character
Hanzo’s Nijijourney Showcase (AI)
an anime character's body is shown with the words, the lore of lightning
The Lore of Lightning
The Lore of Lightning focuses on creating electric potentials and controlling electrons. Electrons act predictably and the techniques used to summon this type of energy are complicated and need to be reproduced perfectly, the same way, every time. Those that can learn and execute these techniques flawlessly will see the efficiency and potency of their spells increased. #sagaofanewworld #magic #magiceffect #magiceffects #lightning #spells #spellwork #dndmagic #dnd #effects #electricity #damage #transmutation #chilled #frozen #electromagnitism #disintegration #lightningdamage