Avon sample lipsticks, vintage

Avon sample lipsticks, vintage - Mom sold Avon when I was a little kid. I remember wanting to play with these all the time.

toys from the 70's - OMG this was my favorite toy when I was a child...this brings back sooo many memories

My daughters (ages 4 and now play with my old Fisher Price desk from the My mother saved it all these years! Most of the accessories are long gone, though. I remember many hours playing with this.

Fruity Polos! - utter joy when a red or purple was at the top....but gutting when it was a yellow or green! A favourite treat for car journeys!

Has to be one of the uk's best online sweets shop ever…


My grams made her home made ice tea in this pitcher

They used to put letters inside the Smartie lids......and I used to collect 3d bits in the tubes!

They used to put letters inside the Smartie lids.and you could get the smarties out easily. Not like the rubbish hexagonal packaging now.

Atomic Fireballs

Atomic Fireballs 1/2 lb

Atomic Fireballs lb from Blooms Candy & Soda Pop Shop. Shop more products from Blooms Candy & Soda Pop Shop on Wanelo.

the totally tropical taste

Tastes of holidays in Weymouth days on the beach lunch from Hamiltons ham salad and a can of Lilt ☺ Happy old days was always sunny too 🌞

The little blue salt bag was inside. Can't imagine how many of these I demolished as a kid... and stay skinny as a rake!

Smiths Salt 'n' Shake Crisps. Another snack that involved some work - kids these days are so lazy expecting their snacks to be pre-salted ;

Golf Balls bubblegum- forgot all about these until I saw this pic. Wonderful memory of the smell and texture!

Golf Balls bubblegum- the texture of these was amazing. The flavour left a lot to be desired.

My granddad bought me this in the early 1980s. Exactly this style. I used to love refilling it.

Cadbury – Mini chocolate vending machine I wanted one of these as a kid. But mum said once you have eaten all the mini bars of chocolate you couldn't get any more:( she was totally lying.