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This board is for GCSE art students looking for ways to create visually stunning mind maps, artist pages and coursework boards…
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a piece of paper that has been torn into pieces
Fitacola Collage
Fitacola Collage – Collage, art and Illustration
a black and white drawing with scissors, knitting needles, eyeglasses, etc
Account Suspended
Work by Jan Brewerton titled 'Knitting'
a poster with the words'1011 developing ideas investigate & research other artists work analyse annotate
two notebooks with different pictures and words on them
AL Graphic Communication, A3 White Sketchbook, Digital Development from Practical Work, CSWK Theme 'Structures', Thomas Rotherham College, 2015-16
a poster with writing on it that says how to celebrate your notes by being on pie
Revise Or Die
How to Illustrate your Notes… If this even helps just one of you out I’ll be a very happy woman!
a handwritten text description for an article on how to use the word annotation
Sketchbook and Blog Post Annotation
When Annotating your sketchbooks and blog posts, refer to this hand out to help you discuss your work and your research.
a black and white drawing with words all over the place, including names in different languages
'Key words for evaluating work' - Grammar Photography
some type of paper cut out with words and phrases on the side, including an eraser
Multi-layered Papercut Illustrations by Owen Glidersleeve
I really like the design of this poster and it's style. It's very eye catching and had good use of a lot of colour
a drawing of a man's face on a piece of paper that says i'm sorry
I can't apologize enough.
The master doodler and off-kilter humorist has come out with a collection of collaged drawings called "I can't apologize enough". Fullarton was born in the UK and now lives in San Francisco. The inspiration for the series came from moving from "a place where everyone constantly aplogises for everything" to "a place where no one ever apologizes for anything." The unusual combinations of faces and bizarre transgressions remind us of PostSecret's evil twin. #DavidFullarton #illustration #drawing
a mannequin's torso is covered in red yarn
siobhan marie o\'keeffe - ArtsThread Profile
Fashion Portfolio - textiles design for fashion; delicate knit structures, fashion design & development; fashion sketchbook // Siobhan Marie O'Keeffe
a piece of paper with black and orange designs on it, including two cows standing next to each other
Jenny Brown
Mixed Media Art, Artist Study with thanks to Jenny Brown , for CAPI ::: Create Art Portfolio Ideas at Art Resources for Art School Portfolio Work