Animal Themed Stationery

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a blue dachshund dog with the words hello sausage on it
Sausage Dog Cookie Cutter - Gifts for Animal Lovers
Sausage Dog Cookie Cutter - Because Circle shaped cookies just won't cut it any more!
four different types of sticks with animals on them
Woodland Animal Pens - Gifts for Animal Lovers
Woodland Animal Pens | Stag, Doe, Rabbit and Fox
four crocheted sea turtles sitting in a circle on a white surface with one turtle facing the camera
Fair Trade Hedgehog Tape Measure - The perfect sewing companion!
an elephant drawn on paper next to a pen
Because who doesn't want to carry poo around with them?! #elephants #elephantdung #elephantpoop #giftsforanimallovers #elephantlovers #elephantstationery #fairtrade #ethical #ecofriendly
some paper clips sitting on top of a table
It may be sad but I love stationery! Especially fun stationery like these hedgehog paper clips! Getting new stationery was the perk of going back to school when I was younger and now it is the perk of filing and working in an office! They will also be available in 8 other animals - giraffe, zebra, cat, owl, dog, elephant, rabbit & fox. Available this month when we launch! #animallovers #animalthemed #animalstationery #paperclips #officeperks #hedgehogs #hedgehog #hedgehogsofinstagram #office...