Beautiful Beasts

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a mother lion and her cub playing together in the grass with their tongue hanging out
The Tiny Tiger
All I can do is *squeak* at how lovely this photo is! <3
two penguins are touching each other with their beaks covered in raindrops on a gray background
This makes my heart melt! <3
an elephant standing in the middle of a forest
So beautiful, so smart we need to protect these amazing creatures!
two pictures of an elephant and its baby
"From the other world I come back to you."
This is amazing and reminds you that we all come into the world and leave the same as these great animals.
two polar bears jumping off an iceberg into the water with caption that reads, junior, don't you dare you are 80 grounded
great photo....
a lemur sitting on top of a rock next to a tree
Lemur or burglar? Who knows... #lemurs #lemur #animalstagram #animallovers
an ostrich standing behind a wire fence in a grassy area with people on the other side
What a friendly #emu. He didn't try to peck me at all... #wildlifepark #animallovers #birdstagram #crazyemus #animalstagram
three giraffes standing in an enclosed area with one looking at the camera
I am easily amused #giraffes #giraffevideo #wildlifepark #animallovers #slowmotionvideo
two giraffes standing next to each other with their heads touching noses together
365 Days of Inspiration
This makes my heart melt! I love planet earth.
a wet brown bear walking through the water
Natures Doorways
Bear Cub 1 by Lisa Aikenhead via 500px. This is Beautiful <3