OMG!!! This was one of my most treasured things

My first purse. If memory serves, it contained a coin and two items from…

Quality Street - 70s style.

My mum gave me an empty Streets tin full of little sewing necessities when I went away to boarding school.

Playschool windows - we used to guess which one it would be. Loved the factory 'how its made' ones best -1966

Playschool: The arched window, the square window, the round window.

Paddington the Bear (1975 TV series).

The REAL inspiration behind Paddington Bear

Mein Name ist der, wo ich mich willkommen angenommen fühle.Paddington by Michael Bond. My favourite bear. Wore a Paddington hat to the Silver Jubilee Celebrations!

Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum. I kept this bubble gum on me all the time. I even got caught eating it in church. lol

Simply the best of the few bubble gums available during m y youth.and only one cent for that mouthful of deliciousness! I loved the comic strip featuring "Bazooka Joe" and the fortune which was part of the wrapper.