Quality Street - 70s style.

My mum gave me an empty Streets tin full of little sewing necessities when I went away to boarding school.

I love these kind of light,always reminds me of Christmas when I was a kid, and the colours always remind me of quality streets,lol

old christmas lights Vintage Christmas Tree Lights: what can we find? we had these on our tree when I was a kid and they are sooo beautiful, no comparison to the ones you get today unfortuna

I loved Rupert when I was little :) this brings back happy memories

Covert art for the Rupert Annual, featuring a winter image of Rupert Bear with a lantern, United Kingdom, by Alfred Bestall.

Paddington the Bear (1975 TV series).

The REAL inspiration behind Paddington Bear

Mein Name ist der, wo ich mich willkommen angenommen fühle.Paddington by Michael Bond. My favourite bear. Wore a Paddington hat to the Silver Jubilee Celebrations!

Advent calendar

First Danish Advent Calendar 1937 (Not sure if this means first Danish calendar, or first calendar ever.

VINTAGE BOXED PALITOY PIPPA DOLL I so wanted one of these plus all her friends but was never allowed. Gutted!

Before I cut her hair (note to self: it doesn't grow back) and stabbed her in the side of the head with a pencil (still don't know why!

Post office set - every Christmas we were given one!!

Vintage Berwick Post Office Set 1968 Toy Town Bank with Original Boxed. had the weighing scales and the post box.

So much nostalgia for these, wish I could read them again. Forget Chip, Biff & Kipper, it's all about Roger Red-hat! (Introductory Book A, One Two Three And Away)

I learnt to read with these, Roger Red-Hat, Billy Blue-Hat, Jennifer Yellow-Hat


Mum used to buy this to clean the stainless steel kitchen sink as well as the porcelain bath and bathroom sink. It took the shine away as well as the dirt. It also tended to clump in the cardboard tube which got damp over time.