Plates by Rob Ryan

Rob Ryan for Wild & Wolf Four Seasons Ceramic Plates Set of 4 Blue and White

rob ryan

Let Nothing You Dismay, Papercut for White Ribbon Alliance charity commissioned by Elle Magazine, April Issue 2009

Rob Ryan

Rob Ryan's Lost Paper Cuts

Rob Ryan: I love rob Ryan's papercut work and I like how he uses words aswell as images in his work It looks do detailed and looks like a lot of effort has been put into all his papercut artwork.

Rob Ryan

Rob Ryan vase we found in byron green house

Rob Ryan

Rob Ryan paper cut- houses that the children live in in Hull with Hospital on skyline- words to explain how children feel about "their hospital" a picture about ownership.

Rob Ryan

For those of you who won't get a chance to see the exhibition in Stafford. here are a few of the little Staffordshire cats in the show!

Rob Ryan paper cutting 1

Accessories: Rob Ryan Paper Cutouts

Rob Ryan - the gridded design works well and it has an equal amount of cutout and coloured paper