I re-pinned this from 'Fashion sketchbook_ DAN' I like the lack of colour and the media used. The range of lines gives it a look of simplicity I feel will make it easy to recreate.

WEEK 5 - Eduardo Watercolour pencil marker The washes of black and lack of colour creates an interesting almost sinister atmosphere. The simplicity of the lines and its looseness mixed with the wash is quite evocative.

Fashion illustration // Ellie Rahim

Rahim is very suggestive with her choice of mark making. Wet and dry brush techniques are utilised in a lighthearted yet considered manner. The pose is strong even though it's alluded to

Modeconnect.com - Bath Spa grad Thomas Brookes Fashion Designer SS14 Sketchbook. His collection was shown at Graduate Fashion Week in London.

Week 10 - Thomas Brookes, London 2014 - Gouache, watercolour, marker - Interesting stylisation in the faces and the way the lower half of the figure trails off. I love the varying lines and use of patterns.

Fashion Sketchbook - fashion illustration & flat drawings; fashion portfolio // Emma Berry

fashion illustration & fashion portfolio // Emma Berry "A flat sketch design from simple to an intricate fashion model croquis.

pinterest: jadecunnington

/ WATERCOLOUR / Mia Jadrna / The silhouette watercolour are delicately constructed, serve as inspiration. Really create a mood for the figures