It was always exciting to look up...and find..."ourselves" in the phonebook.  "THERE'S US!!! THERE'S US!!"

It was always exciting to look up.and find."ourselves" in the phonebook." (The new phonebook is here! The new phonebook is here!

Toys from the 80's-FUN THREAD!! - JustMommies Message Boards

I use to love playing on this, which is quite funny considering I hated maths.

Play Doh hair salon. I used to love this!

Play-Doh and vintage Mop Top Hair Shop! I loved playing with that!

candy lipstick

I loved candy lipstick! Even though it didn't even taste all that good - it was just cool. I remember being devastated when I left my candy lipstick at the city pool when I was little.

Jamie and the Magic Torch

Jamie and the Magic Torch

Blue Peter

Blue Peter Probably the best children's TV programme in the & (but then, there wasn't much choice to compete)

Traditional British uniform gymslip.

wore a brown gymslip (pinafore dress) part of my uniform at my first primary school with a large felt hat and blazer with school badge on it

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Rod Serling, The Twilight Zone Stamps USA

TV Postage Stamps Entering 'Another Dimension'

TV Postage Stamps Entering ‘Another Dimension’