Adonis Baths located in Kili Paphos, is one of the most beautiful and unique areas in Cyprus. Tradition says that Adonis the God of Beauty tended his horses in this place and hunded in the Akamas forest. According to Greek mythology Adonis and Aphrodite had many children here, the citizen of Paphos are supposed to be descendant of these two lovers.

Adonis (n.)Origin—from Adonis, handsome youth loved by Aphrodite Definition—very handsome young man Ex.—Joanna’s old boyfriend wasn’t very handsome, but her new one is quite an Adonis

Sea Caves in Paphos #Cyprus

Spectacular sea caves in Paphos, a city on the south-west coast of Cyprus

Adonis Falls, Paphos, Cyprus

Adonis Falls, Paphos, Cyprus : the water was freezing!

Temple of Apollo, Kourion, Cyprus

The Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates, an ancient monument dedicated to the God of Apollo located near the rural city of Kourion in the south of Cyprus