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Project Baskets Pattern

Project cloth Baskets Pattern to purchase or you can make them yourself if you have lots of experience sewing.I love how mine turned out when I made them by eyeing the photo.

Warm quinoa salad with grilled halloumi

Warm quinoa salad with grilled halloumi This iron-rich, veggie dish is a great source of iron and uses gluten-free quinoa for an extra dose of protein

Special spaghetti cake

Special spaghetti cake from Jamie Oliver With spinach, cheese and sun-dried tomatoes I discovered this dish in Italy while working on my Italian book. When full of ham, chicken and mushrooms, it's called tetrazzini. Try my lighter vegetarian version.

The best pasta salad

This is by far the best ever pasta salad, with ripe tomatoes, olives and basil it makes the perfect side dish to any bbq or picnic.

Three cheese risotto

Jamie's three cheese risotto is a an indulgent treat for any cheese lover; using Gruyere, Taleggio and Parmesan cheese.

Dairy-free coconut cheesecake

Find a delicious dairy free coconut cheesecake recipe from Jamie Oliver; this dairy free cheesecake is topped with vanilla and a tart raspberry drizzle.