Patrick Stewart speaks out against domestic violence. When it comes to ending violence against women, Patrick Stewart has a very personal story about why we should "make it so.

The Art of Pho - motion comic trailer by Submarine Channel / Julian Hanshaw

MEN IN BLACK (Excerpt from 'Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience'). Men in Black is a true story as told by soldier and writ.

Brutal images depict a woman as she is pinned down on a bench by group in Denmark after liberation. The woman is understood to have been attacked by the group of men for sleeping with a German.

Bangalore has emerged as the best Indian city among New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai in terms of better quality of living for expatriates, according to a latest worldwide survey of cities by global HR consultancy Mercer.

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How to avoid several Car Dealer Scams?

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The Archbishop House is thought to be one of the oldest houses in Ropley, Hampshire, U. It's made of brick and flint with a thatched roof, and has an inglenook fireplace and a bread oven. It's been extended to add a sunroom and bathroom.