Ceiling idea for a child's room

Do it Yourself Home Ideas for kids room. An interesting idea instead of painting all the way to the top. Allowing the ceiling color to come down on the walls a couple of inches using painter’s tape for a clean edge.

Ceiling idea

Вариант отделки потолка под балконом I'd love this over the table area. Too damn bad I have two table areas in this room. WHY must I be a furniture re-arranger?

#ceiling ideas

'Simple Must-Do' Tips - Creative Ceiling Ideas & Perfect Kitchen Lighting

Ceiling idea

Here is a option for decorating your inset ceiling.really adds depth to the room

Ceiling idea for porch

pallet ceiling tutorial in a rustic boys room. That ceiling is fantastic

Ceiling Ideas

Casa Corallo - House Built Around The Trees: by Paz Arquitectura, Santa Rosalía, Guatemala