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The multiple faces with different emotions all suggest mental disorders such as multiple personalities, bipolar of schizophrenia. This works well with my theme of humans, emotions and mental issues

Andrew James 'Florence'  2000  Charcoal on Paper  18 x 14 / 46 x 36

Andrew James 'Florence' 2000 Charcoal on Paper 18 x 14 / 46 x 36 Art Curator & Art Adviser.

Inspirational Mixed Media and Acrylic Paintings by Marcus Sandeman

Acrylic Paintings by Shane Turner

Andrew Salgado

COLOR EMOTIONS IN PAINTING---------------Powerful Paintings by Andrew Salgado - Andrew Salgado is a Canadian artist based in London. His powerful, colourful portraits are focused on themes such as identity, sexuality and convalescence.

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Hannah- This student has completed a transcript before applying the painting style to their pastiche. The painting style they are adopting makes use of dramatic colours, thick paint and visible mark making.