Hand Embroidered Face "the wrong side" Postcard by Louise Jones

Hand Embroidered Face "the wrong side" Postcard by Louise Jones Love the "wrong side" look--the messiness, the wiring, the fraying

Pamela Campagna and Thomas Scheiderbauer's thread and nail portraits

Geometric Thread and Nail Portraits

Pamela Campagna e Thomas Scheiderbauer fios e unhas retratos. / Pamela Campagna and Thomas Scheiderbauer thread and nail portraits.

Paper Cut Out Portrait - Hand done. Artist Kris Trappeniers

items: hand cut paper stencil portraits artist: kris trappeniers photos via: thisiscolossal comments: these portraits by belgian .

Jeff Wall.

Jeff Wall The Destroyed Room 1978 Transparency in lightbox 1590 x 2340 mm “My first pictures like The Destroyed Room emerged from a re-encounter with nineteenth-century art’, Wall has said. Here, the work in question is The Death of Sardanapalus

Jeff Wall

Jeff Wall, Flooded Grave This photo is so epic, philosophical essays have been written about it.

These are amazing. Family Portraits from nails and thread by Pamela Campagna and Thomas Scheiderbauer of L-able

By Pamela Campagna & Thomas Scheiderbauer, while they do. : By Pamela Campagna & Thomas Scheiderbauer , while they do remind me of.

knoxville voice | Marian Bantjes  beautiful lines

Marian Bantjes’ work is amazing to state the obvious. Her book, "I Image" is breathtaking from the elaborate attention to the cover detail and quality, to the art, to the verbiage. It is impossible to find the one perfect piece of work.