Derek Ridgers

Shooting skinheads: Derek Ridgers captures a cult – in pictures

I entitled this photograph ‘Smiler’ since he’s got it written on his jacket. His real name was Wayne and his street name was Wally. In an email he informed me that he was 16 when I took this photograph in Photograph: Derek Ridgers

​derek ridgers: youth culture in action | read | i-D

​derek ridgers: youth culture in action

El resultado era algo nuevo y poco ortodoxo. | 17 increíbles fotos vintage de la escena punk del Londres de los 70

El resultado era algo nuevo y poco ortodoxo.

17 Incredible Vintage Photos From London’s Punk Scene Photographer Derek Ridgers spent more than ten years documenting the music and people he loved.

Photographs from Anita Corbin, Derek Ridgers and more are on view at the Photographers’ Gallery in London.

In “Punk Weekender,” a Spotlight on Women of the Punk Scene

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78/87 London Youth by Derek Ridgers – in pictures

Raw portraits of London youth: Photographer Derek Ridgers' new book London Youth” explores punk fashion before normcore