"Cold Snap" by Annie Soudain (linocut)

"Cold snap" by Annie Soudain (linocut)

Autumn Heath, by Clare Curtis, printmaking, lino, relief, print, nature, mushroom, woodland, forest, linocut, deer, illustration

autumn heath - linocut by clare curtis

Angie Lewin working on a new wood engraving http://www.angielewin.co.uk

Angie Lewin is a lino print artist, wood engraver, screen printer and painter depicting the UK's natural flora in linocut and other limited edition prints.

Kettlewell in winter. Linocut. Size 40 x 30cms

"Kettlewell in Winter" by Mike Smith (Linocut)

Winter Hare by Angela Harding

'Winter Hare', by Angela Harding (linocut) …

Annie Soudain Rye Society of Artists

✽ 'summer breeze' - annie soudain - rye society of artists

Linocut Editions

Linocut Edition by Liz Myhill

Rye Society of Artists. Annie Soudain.

✦ 'seed-heads' - annie soudain - rye society of artists

"Frosty Morning" by Annie Soudain

“It’s not been frosty yet here, but I do like to see it. This is a Linocut by Annie Soudaine and it’s making me feel cold.

The Tulip Vase, Rossamund Fowler, The Tulip Vase

'The Tulip Vase' by Rosamund Fowler ~ she was born in Edinburgh in

Hare and Moon - Angela Harding

Angela Harding -"Hare and Moon" linocut

Annie Soudain

'Winter' by Annie Soudain

'Wild About Teasels' By Caroline Barker. Blank Art Cards By Green Pebble.

Wild About Teasel (CB1 03 14)

Wild About Teasels - Caroline Barker Greeting Card

✽ 'wayside winter' - annie soudain - downtoearthcards.co.uk

Wayside Winter linocut Greeting Card by Annie Soudain Down To Earth Cards

Snowdrops linocut 18 x 13 cm £95

Snowdrops linocut 18 x 13 cm


Loon and young