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a circular metal object with a flower on it's center and two leaves in the middle
Branding for Anna Loka - Cardiff's first 100% vegan cafe bar
several plates of food on a wooden table
My Home slice @meykal_curls had never been to @anna_loka_cardiff so I got us this absolute feast! Yummery - best recipes. Follow Us! #healthyrecipes
a stack of pancakes with blueberry sauce and nuts
Completely vegan carrot pancakes 😱😱. From @anna_loka_cardiff. Wish we could have tried everything on the menu. #vegan #vegansofinstagram #vegantravel #pancakes #breakfast #vegansofig #follow #veganbreakfast #cardiffvegans #foodporn Yummery - best recipes. Follow Us! #foodporn
three sandwiches on wooden cutting boards with soup in the bowl and spoons next to them
Living to Learn 🌻
Today mum and I lunched at Anna-Loka, the first... - Living to Learn
a white plate topped with a hamburger and fries
Anna Loka in Cardiff
A Vegan Cheeseburger at Anna Loka in Cardiff
the logo for an italian restaurant called anna loka cafe bar, which is located in
Twisted Lizard - Illustration, Brand Design, Packaging Design & Logo Design | London | UK
Logo for Anna Loka - Cardiff's first 100% #vegan cafe bar
people are standing in the window of a store
Anna-Loka: a new 100% vegan Cardiff cafe that even meat-eaters will love
Anna-Loka: Crowdfunding can go a long way. In this case, it’s made it possible for Adam El Tagoury to open up Cardiff’s first and only completely #vegan cafe.