360 (round dance): Written by Steven Diets (uncredited), based on the play La Ronde (DE. Reigen) by Arthur Schnitzler (1900, uncredited). Screenplay by Peter Morgan, and directed by Fernando Meirelles (Blindness, City of God, ...).

: Photo Check out the poster for Jude Law and Rachel Weisz's upcoming movie Here's the film's official synopsis: From two acclaimed artists: director Fernando…

City Lights - Charlie Chaplin 1931.  Chaplin did not want to stop making silent movies even after sound.  Neither did Mary Pickford.

City Lights written, directed, acted in, and produced by Charlie Chaplin, is the best sort of silent film.

Creative Star Wars Posters in Silhouette

Creative Star Wars Posters in Silhouette

Lili Taylor as Joy in BEING FLYNN. See BEING FLYNN, opening in select cities on March 2, 2012.

Beautiful movie posters, part 2

Working in a Boston homeless shelter, Nick Flynn re-encounters his father, a con man and self-proclaimed poet. Sensing trouble in his own life, Nick wrestles with the notion of reaching out yet again to his dad.

Gangs of New York

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Gangs of New York - Director: Martin Scorsese Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, Daniel Day-Lewis In Amsterdam Vallon returns to the Five Points area of New York City seeking revenge against Bill the Butcher, his father's killer.

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