Miniature Concrete Home by Mim Studio/ Nitin Barchha, Disney Davis

Scale model of a moon-house for Michael Schumacher. "Star's house" international student architecture contest 2009, Russia, Moscow. Not completed.

Angled contours to perimeter rectangle_"Star's house" international student architecture contest Russia, Moscow. Not completed

Massing model of an urban setting made

Staple City

City Installation Made Out Of 100000 Staples by Peter Root 4 pic on Design You Trust

Articles - ΔΙΠΛΩΜΑΤΙΚΕΣ - ΕΡΓΑΣΙΕΣ - 2009-10 - (131) Διαδρομή – Μουσείο Γεωλογικής Ιστορίας Σαντορίνη

Changing alignment of ground plane from what we would typically expect.


nexttoparchitects: by Rodrigo Pegorin Escada/Rampa

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A proposal for temporarly wooden structure to host an art festival somewhere in the woods by Thomas Lommée & Christiane Hoegner.

© Richard Davies for David Chipperfield Artchitects

© Richard Davies for David Chipperfield Architects

by @igamakoto #next_top_architects #image #art #architect...

by @igamakoto #next_top_architects #image #art #architect...

Vertical garden house design by Ryue Nishizawa.  Click through to see the real thing!

Ryue Nishizawa’s vertical garden house in Tokyo (architectural model)

Duggan Morris Architects have been selected by Crossrail and The City of London to develop proposals for a new cafe pavilion in the heart of Finsbury Circus. Working in collaboration with Tom Stuart-Smith who is developing a new landscape scheme, the project is currently at a feasibility stage to include site analysis and the exploration of programmatic typologies which best respond to this important central London green space.

Tina R + Ting - Duggan Morris Architects, Finsbury Circus, 2015