A nice looking lean-to tool shed. I like the stain they used on the wood and the wide barn style doors.

Tool Shed with Stain and Cedar Trim - on side of garage! Would be perfect to move gardening supplies/bird seed/etc out of garage space for more room. What do you think?

Bike Shed that looks stunning and in keeping with the design of the house.

Bike Shed *incorrect link* A similar lean-to, one completely enclosed to match the home exterior, would be perfect on the garage wall. If it were accessed from inside the garage only, it would be harder to steal + less likely to rust.

Bspoke bike storage in Iroko (2)

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Bespoke storage unit

Bespoke bin storage Garden Trellis Company Plant herbs or something pretty above the bin storage space

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Victorian mosaic tile path yellow brick front garden wall granite paving bin bike store metal rail Yorkstone paving Contact anewgarden for more information

Hmmm... Small bike shed in front of house? Green roof would be prett from kitchen window

Outdoor Bike Storage Units, dog house, garden storage, etc. Love the green space on top!