Homemade Resources - Colour, shape and number sequence and match games. Mummy Musings and Mayhem

Rainbow colour & number sort and sequence game - Easy DIY

Homemade Resources - Colour, shape and number sequence and match games. Mummy Musings and Mayhem-- This would be a great beginner ESOL activity

Editable KS1 Visual Timetable - Visual Timetable, SEN, editable, editable cards, Daily Timetable, School Day, Daily Activities, KS1, Daily Routine, Foundation Stage

Based on our original Visual Timetable, this editable version is perfect for when you want to create your own cards. A Visual Timetable enable pupils to understand what they are doing when over a period of time such as the school day.

When Routine Activity - routines, timetables, visual timetable

This when routine activity will encourage your children to get into a routine, a handy resource in the classroom or at home!

Editable Visual Timetable Cards - SEN, Visual Timetable, editable, Daily Timetable, School Day, Daily Activities, Daily Routine, Foundation Stage, editable cards

A very handy add-on resource for our visual timetables. You can now create your own daily activities for use with your visual timetable. Still need us to create you some specific images?

Good Listening Display Posters - Good listening, listen, behaviour management, SEN, good sitting, good listening, good looking, lips closed, listening, brain box

A colourful set of posters to help remind children what the key skills are for good listening. A behaviour management essential -why not display these resoruces to refer to during carpet times?

Routine Chart Pack with Place, Time, and Person - routine chart, chart, routine, timetable, timetable chart, today I am, daily routine, home routine chart

This fantastic visual routine chart is specially designed for use at home. Piece the chart together a put it up on the wall, then cut out the different cards. Place the cards on the chart each day to show what your child will be doing that day, where

SEN Communication Cards Daily Routine (Boy) - SEN, communication cards, daily routine, my environment, Visual Timetable, SEN, Daily Timetable, boys, School Day, Daily Activities, Daily Routine KS1

A handy set of communication cards, allowing your child(ren) to communicate about a variety of common activities.

SEN Playdough Mats - SEN, playdough mat, mat, playdough, thin, think, long, short, circle, square, ball

A set of colourful playdough mats featuring some lovely SEN themed activites. A fun cross-curricular resource. Just laminate to create re-useable playdough mats!