Her best album

Release date: September 1985 Artist: Kate Bush Labels: EMI, Manhattan Records

What was all the fuss about !!

Relax single - Relax (song) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I'm a teenager again !!

The Teardrop Explodes Treason (It's Just A Story) UK vinyl single inch record)

Class pop song

Don't get me started on Katy Perry -- anyone who knows me will tell you I have a great affinity for all things Teenage Dream, including "Firework.

Class band, class song

My 25 Songs, 25 Days Challenge! Day A song from my childhood - I Miss You by Blink 182

Listen to Stargazer x

A light in the Black by Rainbow, from Rising album Rainbow line up: * Ronnie James Dio vocals * Ritchie Blackmore guitar * Tony Carey keyboards * Jimm.


black sabbath-the album paranoid was originally going to be called war pigs but then sabbath were told they needed one more song for the album and came up with paranoid.probably the most popular sabbath song.

New Order True Faith

New Order True Faith

The Lotus Eaters

The First Picture of You. The single I bought - still have it and still love this song - happy days!

My fav of his

Lyric Of The Week: Eminem, "Stan" « American Songwriter

Play it loud

Band- System of a Down: Chop Suey

Listen and enjoy

Listen and enjoy