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No no no- if it stinks it's biology. If it's on fire and/or exploding it's chemistry. If it's incomprehensible it's quantum physics. If you're surrounded by hundreds of giggling freshmen who barely graduated high school it's psychology.

This poster tells and explains to the students the different areas of Science and how they operate. For grades: Science is a process of trying to figure out how the world works by making careful observations and trying to make sense of those observations.

Cinque Terre Italy. #travels #wanderlust

Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy-Ive seen so many pictures and thing the color of the buildings is so very beautiful!

Striped man shirt

5 looks pour une montre en or selon les jumelles Olsen

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22 Classy Art Nouveau Interior Design Ideas

This room shows the Art Nouveau style of interior design. the uniquely shaped stair rails,chandelier, and the unusual pillar surrounded by decorative vines. the colors might remind you of Gothic, but the shapes are firmly Art Nouveau.

agriculture... ahh I need to marry a farmer! :P

Agriculture is our wisest pursiot, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals and happiness

As soon as you happen to be finished looking at this try investigating a fundamental topic the majority of us really should be asking our-self.

A propaganda poster for Bill Nye, the man who taught me most of what I learned about science in elementary school. And middle school. And high school. Huge part of my life!

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36 Stunning Solutions For Your Dream Master Bedroom

Bryce, every girl needs a place to tell stories. a place to cry. a place to laugh. a place to dream. a place to share with friends.