Around London. Illustration for LING magazine. on Behance

Illustration for LING magazine (inflight Vueling Magazine) featuring London City. Shows a central image of the mitical Underground logo suggesting a journey through London´s iconic places.

London tube. A fabulous mass transit system!

Had he moved in into Zara boy, saw him with three girls on the London tube last night conflicting about baby through moved to the right Mind the gap.


TUBE LONDON Next time I would want to wish something better for U. I will look at my scars thanks for reminder

Upstairs on the double decker (pinned from Facebook)

Had to sit upstairs on the double decker with all the smokers back in the day. Because riding the bus upstairs was cool.

The only wooden escalator still in service on the London underground at greenford - the rest were scrapped in the wake of the kings cross fire in 1987.

The only wooden escalator still in service on the London uUnderground at Greenford - the rest were scrapped in the wake of the King's Cross fire on 18 November 1987 in which 31 people died.

I remember when the trains had corridors before entering the carriage. Sitting…

Corridor trains - going from Dublin to Cork. So enjoyed any train trip to Cork

Tiled tickets windows at Edgware Rd tube station in London

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Interior of a railway carriage, c.1920

Interior of a railway carriage, showing several items of New Zealand Railways picnic equipment, ca. vintage everyday: Women's Street Fashion of the

bluebell railway, train carriage interior

bluebell railway, train carriage interior, memories of yesteryear.