Debbie Lyddon

In which I feel lost but come up with a plan

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Small collages

For the past week I have been putting together a powerpoint presentation that will form part of a Sound Workshop that I am giving to Studio It is surprising how long it takes to decide upon, sc…

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Small Marshscape by Debbie Lyddon

Debbie Lyddon, Small Marshscape – Black Loops and Metal Posts, Cloth, Stitch, Wax

Debbie Lyddon U.K.

Check the link to Debbie's website to see loads of glorious pieces - Marshscape Collage Cotton duck, linen, wax, metal by Debbie Lyddon - this rugged landscape is a perfect example of an empty space.

Marshscape Collage #4, Cotton duck, linen, wax, metal, found thread

Small Marshscape - Pale Blue Rectangle: cloth, stitch, wax -by Debbie Lyddon