French town of Giverny where Monet's Garden is located. Stunning.

We loved touring Monet's Garden home when we were here! Tom and I spent the day touring the town while in France!French town of Giverny where Monet's Garden is located.

Le photographe finlandais Kai Fagerström immortalise des animaux sauvages vivant dans des maisons abandonnées dans la forêt près de sa résidence d'été à Suomusjärvi (Finlande).

Les animaux sauvages s'invitent dans les maisons abandonnées

I feel your pain fox

tulipnight: “ Spirit of the year to come by Max Ellis ”

tulipnight: “Spirit of the year to come by Max Ellis ”


Young Deer: "Running Free in The Forest.

Voici 32 magnifiques chevaux à la chevelure spectaculaire! - Trop Cute et mignon

★ Fresh Orange ★ Behold - 19 Of The Most Beautiful And Photogenic Animals Ever Recorded. This beautiful horse just knows how to get a fabulous shot with his beautiful mane!

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A kingfisher emerges from its dive, Photography by Alan McFadyen - Animal / Wildlife photography.


I dream of a world where we admire this beauty from afar for what it is and let it be. They are conscious creatures, alive, and a part of this earth, not trophies to adorn the walls of our and white deer.

Loup blanc

Gorgeous wolf in the snow. The beauty of winter.


Tulipnight: Another Stag Another Planet ByMax Ellis

Think about this: All of those moments When the Divine decides Not so much to drop by, But instead it is you Who decides to take notice.

Deer from the perspective of the leaf. The view from a Leaf by Kobi Refaeli on

Red fox in the winter woods

Fox in snowy evergreen forest

A moose in velvet! This is beautiful!!

yourstrulyfranca: “ “ Unexpected encounter with the king of the forest soosseli ” ”

❧ Animaux de la campagne ❧

I woke up today smelling the autumn leaves and the fresh air, my planet is so pretty. Don't kill me, I did nothing wrong to you, my life is important to me just as much as yours is to you and your loved ones. Be thankful for the be

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Photograph Appearance among the ferns by Félix Morlán González on

Fantastic Red Fox Photos Captured in the Wild - My Modern Metropolis

Fantastic Red Fox Photos Captured in the Wild

Wild Animals Photo by day better song dog clips funny moments