So pretty.

Prop/Table - Awesome prop ideas for a vintage and whimsical photoshoot. The cool luggage and the camera is a nice touch. What we like: art in nature plus vintage feel. We have hope chest, suitcases, watering cans

1938 compact 35mm Compass Camera by Jaeger-LeCoultre

Le Coultre Compass Camera Some vintage cameras are "steampunk-ish" enough not to require any additional tinkering. This one, for example, was made in the and manages to fit scores of features in the least possible space

HRH Queen Elizabeth II and her Leica

HRH Queen Elizabeth’s Leica

Why are Leica cameras any good? Um, because the Queen uses one. HRH Queen Elizabeth II and her Leica.

Kodak Hawkeye Camera - Uncovet

Kodak Hawkeye Camera - Uncovet mom'S camera we burned our fingers on used flash bulb


So this is an AGFA Billy-Record - still in good working order. Launched in and found in a charity shop for a very good price indeed. I actually love all the little scuff marks on it, a sign that it was cherished.

How to Take Incredibly Stylish Photos for Free

Levi's Photo Workshop - New York Levis Photography Workshop - Esquire on imgfave