Rapunzel's Tower, acrylic by Laura Ramie

Rapunzel& Tower, acrylic by Laura Ramie. I love this because it depicts Rapunzel as an active agent and artist, not just as someone waiting around for the witch/prince all day.


Mind-Blowing Theories That Will Change Your Perception of the World" The Alice in Wonderland esk picture caught my attention with the use of fading in areas and the mirror, but then the article held it. The theories really are mind blowing.

Mystical Photography by Brooke Shaden

More Mystical Photography by Brooke Shaden

Fairytale Fashion Styles - Infusing fantasy and surreal concepts into fashion spreads and editorials serves to create an artistically stunning theme, and these fairytale fash.

Photo Manipulations by Fiddle Oak. Zev aka Fiddle Oak is only 14 years old photographer and digital artist based in Natick, USA. His camera is named Betsy.

"Projecting solitude" by sparrek on Flickr.

i keep noticing crazy antler stuff since i started drawing them haha. it's a thing now.

JULIE DE WAROQUIER ♦ Photographer - Ex-pressions

Abysses Impressive surreal captures by Julie de Waroquier, a very talented photographer based in Lyon, France. Beliefs Breathe The violence behind The weight of time Heart waves In between Three litte cats I wont… Continue Reading →

martamara: the sea of dreams by bianca van der...

Bianca van der Werf was born in Den Haag, The Netherlands and there she studied Architectural Design at the Royal Academy of Arts.

If people looked at the stars each night, they’d live a lot whedifferently n you look into infinity you realze that there are more important things that what people do all day - Love of Life Quotes