Over 100 photography tutorials to help you improve your photography  *I checked this site out. Awesome explaining, so can't wait to try it at home.:)

The first Tip is: Pick up in the right way your camera jejejeje photography Tips: Over 100 Tutorials- Great tips that will help you capture those special occasions, holidays and events!

Girls with Curves No.3 The Hourglass

Cause who couldn't stand to feel better about pictures of themselves? Simple posing tips for curvy girls - cover arms and bring hands together at waist. Or if arms have no cover point elbows forward, it tilts things in all the right ways.

more Girls with Curves

Girls with Curves Photo Posing Tips. To get photos taken from a high angle to try and minimise the double chin! (Try Girl)


Free-Lensing Photography Tutorial

"free-lensing": a method of shooting with your lens detached from the camera - but still held very closely. Holding your lens up to the camera (instead of attaching it) allows you to create a tilt-shift effect in your photos

5 Steps To Understanding The Crop Factor

5 Steps To Understanding The Crop Factor

Improve Your Focus by Understanding Focus Modes

Improve Your Focus by Understanding Focus Modes

Girls w curves . . .

No Photoshop Required! Perfect Posing for Curvy Women! By Photographer Sue Bryce-the most amazing before & after photos!

7 Tips to Master Freelensing, Freelensing Tips, Freelens, photography tips, Freelensing Tutorial

7 Steps to Master Freelensing

7 Steps to Master Freelensing. Step by Step Tutorial to master freelensing along with tried and true tips to help you accomplish your goals.

Digital camera effects from A-Z

Video A-Z

Digital camera effects from A-Z. 26 digital camera effects and techniques to help you get more creative with your DSLR (no more just point and shoot)

What’s In My Camera Bag? | Annie Manning, Paint the Moon Photography and Photoshop Actions

Would love to have all of her same lenses! Photoshop Actions by Annie Manning What's In My Camera Bag Nikon Lenses Paint the Moon Recommended Gear


Photo Stacking Technique Makes Clouds Look Like Brush Strokes in the Sky

Smeared Sky Sunset - Matt Molloy is an artist, musician and photographer who has a brilliantly unique and artistic style of smearing sunsets and skies together by photo stacking multiple time-lapse images.

A Complete Guide to Time Lapse Photography

How to take a time lapse video or photos on a Nikon camera, as well as great tips for how to combine the photos in a time lapse to create a video.

9 creative photo ideas to try in November

Best photo editing software in 2017

Try our 9 photo ideas for November. This month we explore night photography and the various creative projects you can shoot in low light.