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Kyle Bean - love his work! "A series of brains made out of different objects and materials for Men’s Health Magazine. The series includes brains made of toothpaste, newspapers and fruit with chocolate.

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science-junkie: “ Ever wondered what your brain sounds like when it thinks? Researchers in China did — so they invented a way to translate the brain’s waves into music. In initial attempts, the.


A colored MRI scan of the brains white matter pathways traces connections between cells in the cerebrum and the brainstem.

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Learning Could Be Revolutionized by Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation Technique

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Brains Made of Toothpaste, Newspaper and Food by Kyle Bean illustration food brains anatomy


WUSTL physicist debates ‘quantum mind’ at New York roundtable

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Los neurocientíficos desalmados (o por qué Descartes se equivocaba)

Da Vinci

AARP's latest survey on brain health reveals an enduring problem: few of the survey respondents actually make the required behavior changes that are needed to protect their brains.

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Hungry Happenings: Creepy Halloween Sweets - Cake Ball Brains Oozing Cherry Blood recipe - creepy, but I love it!