Playing with symmetry, scale, pattern and texture - chunky rustic console table and large-scale art grounded big storage baskets and lots of greenery. |Pinned from PinTo for iPad|

Eye For Design: Tropical British Colonial Interiors love the console and plants and baskets.

Jungle Leaves Wall Panel A large palm leaf design in shades of green. The design is repeatable. If you wish to hang it on a larger wall just order as many panels as you need.

Jungle Leaves Photo Wallpaper from Mr Perswall by Tom Lewis in the wallpaper collection Urban Nature. Customize and order photo wallpapers online.

Even thought there are a lot of colors in this living room, it pulls together nicely with green being the focus.

7 1/2 Ways To Infuse Emerald Green

Milk Likes

So many shades of green. CH: I plan on using a palm frond or other tropical leaf pattern as the background for my napkin.

Christian Lacroix 2014 Home Collection The collection of prints, inspired by the French riviera, features elegant animal prints and foliage that can transform a room into a jungle with just a few touches.

Christian Lacroix 2014 Home Collection

Extraordinary digitally printed Palm trees highlight new Belles Rives Collection by Christian Lacroix for Designers Guild, inspired by the French Rivera.

Terrarium DIY fabulousness

Urban Gardening-Best City Gardens In Chicago 2013