Cute - nice idea for an embroidery on a wall hanging or on a quilt, with the shelves as horizontal sashing.

Impression of landscape - anad the key flowers in it? ____ Sabi Westoby

I have been making my own fabrics using paintsticks and creating abstract landscape patterns. I made a series of small wall hangings using this technique and on some of these pieces I.

Welcome to my gallery page. Here you will find many examples of the larger wall…

Here you will find many examples of the larger wall art pieces that I have created over time. A lot of these art works have been in exhibitions and art show, some have w… - make one of these with all the odds and ends and pieces in the bottom drawer of my sewing chest!

Mixed Media Romance One of my favorite ideas, love the use of the textile dimension, rough edges. so quick to sew up. imagine of quilt of memories.

How to Screen Print with Freezer Paper Stencils

Tutorial! Screen printing with freezer paper stencils with Zeena Shah (The Village Haberdashery)

East London-based textile designer Zeena Shah (she’s also inspiration for the By Hand London Zeena dress, for you craft world trivia buffs) recently released a beautiful book called How to Print Fabri


type of embroidery put on different fabric to fill the color + mixed with embroidery may use on bdy, sweatshirt, dress, top, жилет кроткий поверх платья Mini quilts using a variety of fabric types

Pretty Pink Coaster Set - 4 Fabric Tea Cups Coasters - Appliqué Cups £22.00

Pink Tea Cups With Polka Dots Coasters - Set Of 4 - Appliqué Linen Fabric by The Cornish Coaster Company on Gourmly