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This design gives me a great insight to the various different Scottish clans and how they differ to each other. There is a great use of dark blue tones signifies power and masculinity.

Heraldry-Scottish-Clans- I'm Clan Gunn and I'm pretty sure that Viking ship, while appropriate for my clan, is not the actual crest.

Rusty's ancestors

Inscription on the Battle of Culloden Memorial Cairn-so far there are 8 books in the series by Diana Gabaldon, one is called the Outlander. It's a very exciting and interesting series, lots of history and romance, thrills and chills.

'Outlander' Theme Song More

'Outlander' The Skye Boat Song Sing me a song of a lass that is gone, Say, could that lass be I? Originally a Scottish folk song, altered by Bear McCreary for the show)