Annie b.

Annie b.
Cornwall, U.K. / I am an artist living in Cornwall, UK.My aim is to create art so that we may all see the love and joy in life, be mindful of mother earth and each other, and kn
Annie b.
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This is such a neat image. I have no idea what it could be used for, but it's really cool!

Honey Bee by Sunny Solwind. Inspiration for my Honey bb tattoo. I want the wings in a heart shape, filled with designs of all the things I love.


Daphne, Graphite on gesso. Matriarch, Graphite on gesso, hand gold-tinted.


Last August I got stung in the mouth by a bee (crawled inside my coconut water) - and this weekend I was stung in the throat (while sleeping). Hey bees, I’m listening… ink doodle pigmentplussurface: Geometric Bee - Allison Kunath